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    Spy-mail is a secret messaging service where your messages are kept in a safe at Spy-mail and only your agent name and codeword will gain access to them. Our secret agents will tell you through regular email when you have a message.

    An unusual feature of Spy-mail is that you can leave messages unprotected. This will allow them to be viewed by other agents through a gadget called FibreSpy. You can reply to any FibreSpy message and create spy factions. Try and trick other spy factions at a variety of games involving double agents, tracing messages, multiple identities, newsgroup infiltration, or whatever else you think of. See how many media spies you can collect in your faction by messaging the media.

    Be warned, your incoming messages will self-destruct ten minutes after opening them unless you become a special agent. Have fun!

     SIGNING UPtop 

    To read and write messages you must become an agent. This requires an agent name, codeword, and valid email address. Just fill in the form behind the sign up menu link. All information aside from your agent name will be kept confidential. You can click on the field names to get a description of each field. Note that the email address that you enter will be used by Spy-mail's secret agents to tell you when you have a new message.

     SIGNING INtop 

    If you are an agent then you can sign in using the form behind the sign in menu link to access your messages. You can check the remember me box to be automatically signed in (through a cookie) the next time you come back. If, at any time, you no longer want to be remembered, just sign in again and do not check the box. Then close your browser.

    If this is your first time here then welcome, and please sign up (see the help topic above). If you are coming from a link in your email to collect your first message, then please click the email link again, then click the sign up link in the body of text you see. This will allow you to sign up and go straight to your message.


    Once you have signed up and signed in you can view your messages by clicking on the message menu link. You can sort your messages by date, agent or topic by clicking on the column headings. Click the message topic to view the message. Warning: the message will self-destruct ten minutes after opening it unless you are a special agent.

    You will receive an email from one of our secret agents whenever you have a new message. You should click on the link in the e-mail to retrieve that message.


    You can write a message by clicking on the red write message link on the message page. Or you can reply to a message using the reply button at the bottom of the message. Either way, a form will appear where you can enter who you would like to message, the subject, your message, whether to protect your message and which secret agent you would like to deliver the retrieval instructions.

    When messaging an agent it is best to use their agent name. If you use their email address, the message is open to whomever comes and signs for it first. Presumably, this will be the person whom you have emailed. Obviously, when messaging someone new to Spy-mail, they will not have an agent name. In this case you may want to message them an introductory note and wait until they message you back with their agent name before you discuss top-secret information.

    If you become a special agent (see the help topic below) then you will have an agent list pulldown and you can easily select agents you have messaged or have messaged you. Special agents also get signature files accessible from the signature pulldown on the write message page and they get to view their sent messages and file incoming messages.

    The subject line is the line that people click on to read their message. Please make it a short summary or title of your message - spies must be precise to stay alive.

    The message box accepts HTML characters. You can embed links and formatting. Please use the preview button if you do. It should be noted that every time you start a new line in your typing, an HTML line break is automatically inserted. This allows you to type normally, ignoring the HTML, and still have your paragraphs maintained. Bear this in mind if you cut and paste HTML into the message box. You may want to strip it of all new lines before you do.

    Remember to check the protect box if you do not want people to view your message through the FibreSpy gadget. Of course, the more messages people can spy on the better. And you may meet some interesting spies this way. Lure them in - get people interested in your world. Be a star, intriguing and intelligent. Let people glimpse your glamorous life.


    FibreSpy, Spirogram, Hip Cats, Secret Dens, Word Warp, Password Paradox, and Moustache Mysteries are all listed in the gadgets section.

    FibreSpy lets you spy on unprotected messages. You can view a random message, or search by topic (words or part words included subject line) or agent name (must be exact). You can reply to these messages and meet other spies. Entice cool spies to join a spy faction with you.

    Spirogram lets you send and receive spiral encoded messages. Warning, for first time users, please click on the operator button when you see it for more information. A special spy memorial will be constructed for you if you crack the Spirogram code.

    We'll let you explore the other links. Suffice it to say that they all hone your spy skills.


    On the main message page there is a link to become a special agent. Special agents get to use the features in the yellow box: agent list, filed and sent message folders, signature and form files, and an account page.

    The service cost $7.00 for six months - that's a candy bar a month! Credit card information is PPG Encrypted. Once the six months is up you can sign up for another six months. We will not automatically bill you. Your messages will be stored until you sign up again. You always get six months from when you sign up - the time is not cumulative so you should wait until the end of your term or close to it before you sign up again.

    You can update your agent information and see when your six months will expire by using the account link in the yellow special agent box.


    Special agents can create signature and form files. A signature file can be selected from the pulldown on the write message page and the signature will be added to your message. Use the review button to get it just right. Form files can be used to easily send standard messages to people. This is perfect for introducing Spy-mail to people and the media!

     AGENT LISTtop 

    When you become a special agent (see above) every agent that messages you or that you message gets stored in your agent list which is available from a pulldown on the write message page. This allows you to easily message agents you know. You can click the agent list link in the yellow special agent box to filter out any agents you do not want to appear on this list.

    We hope you become a special agent. Head Quarters is counting on you to make full use of Spy-mail. All the best and good luck on your missions.

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