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Do your messages self destruct ten minutes after opening them? Can you spy on unprotected messages? If you've answered no then you've come to the right spot!


Spy-mail Secret Agent LASER-PROOF
Spy-mail Secret Agent XTRA-EYES
Spy-mail Secret Agent FRUIT-FACE
Spy-mail Secret Agent LEFT-RIGHT
Spy-mail Secret Agent C-HIVE

Our Secret Agents will deliver an e-mail letter to your friend that your message is ready to be viewed. Your friend must become an agent to read the message. You can choose to protect your message or not. If you don't then any agent can spy on its contents using the Fibre Spy gadget.
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Fibre-spy GadgetUse the Fibrespy gadget to spy on unprotected messages by agent name or subject line. Or spy on a random message. You can then reply to any message and perhaps interrupt a dastardly double agent plot!
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When you become an agent all the message that you receive will self destruct 10 minutes after reading them. You will, however, get an automatic agent address list and of course you can send messages and use the Fibrespy gadget.

If you become a Special Agent then you get to keep your messages in a safe so they will not self destruct. You also get signature privileges and sent & saved message folders. Spy-mail is fun no matter what you do but we'll let you be a Secret Agent for a week to let you try out all the features!
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